How to: Webbing

Webbing tools

I am quite brief in my descriptions of the actual process of reupholstering items. If I broke everything down every time I would end up writing a whole book and besides, I am firmly a believer that if you would like to learn how to do this, you should go to a class. However, when … Continue reading How to: Webbing


Less Mini Raised Beds

Sweetpea seedlings

After the success of my mini raised beds, I definitely had the DIY bug. I had last Friday booked off work but the plans I had fell through so I was daydreaming on the Thursday about what to fill my day with. I ended up sketching out a plan for a bigger version of the … Continue reading Less Mini Raised Beds

The Doll’s House and Ethel’s chairs

Somewhere between finishing Laura's maternity chair and starting on Nanny's armchair, I started to think about doing paid reupholstery commissions. I mentioned this to a few people and was offered an old stuffover chair to have a go at. I call it the doll's house chair because of its interesting back story. It was designed … Continue reading The Doll’s House and Ethel’s chairs